We are using blockchain technology for building various solutions for the insurance industry

Blockchain helps to introduce completely new opportunities in insurance and significantly upgrades this industry:

Decentralized insurance.

iMali enables users to purchase an insurance policy using cryptocurrencies or traditional currency, and insurance payouts are made automatically upon the occurrence of an insured event.

P2P insurance services.

Our systems unites users in teams and provide insurance for each other. Members pay insurance payments from cryptocurrency wallets, which they control independently.

Event-based smart contracts.

The iMali platform is based on open source smart contracts ensuring automatic insurance payments, reducing risks, improving the quality of customer service and providing a high level of trust.

Insurance accessibility is increasing and more and more people get access to this market.

Blockchain’s ability to create trust in a trustless ecosystem through the use of public ledgers and fortified cybersecurity protocols has positive implications for the insurance industry's future growth.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Our Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has beneficial applications for streamlining insurance claims processing, boosting cybersecurity protocols and even speeding up payment times. This helps automate outdated processes, save billions of hours of paperwork and reduce human error because all forms and data are safely stored along the chain.